Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy new year everyone!!

i still can't believe that we are now in 2010. it's so new to me till i tell myself to wake up susan, you are now in a better year ahead! but will it be a good year??? yea! i hope, i wish, i dream and i really want it!!

i feel so energetic now because i had a good day in office today. my boss didn't nag me like last week. it's so bored to hear him telling me the same shits, that particular word i dislike ... bla bla bla. enough of that. i really heard enough and had enough!

this month cleo mag gives some useful tips for me in terms of work and life philosophy. i like the quote, "accept the past, plan for the future but live in the now (present). i really like it cos sometimes i don't think i am living in the present because i don't like my current now. we plan for our future because we are not happy with our current condition, we try to escape and want to get rid of our "unhappiness."

i hope the time flies faster because i don't wanna be alone. i wanna to be with my loved ones, but having said that i have to sacrifice. i'm gonna age faster, have more fine lines, more obvious dark eye circles and more freckles??? sounds horrific!

my new year resolutions?? i need to list them down or at least i got a few of them already. again, i wish everyone a happy new year! happy 2010 and may you have a joyful and prosperous new year!!

** susan hopes she can be more optimistic and doesn't get stress easily when she's at work. :) **

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