Monday, February 22, 2010


i hate myself when i become unhappy.

you feel happy when someone special calls you especially when you least expect it. you appreciate that call but then some weird feeling lingers around you. you don't feel like ending the call, but but you have to when the person on the phone wanted so. in the end, you are forced to hang up....tut... tut... tut... tut...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

ho00rrayy!! it's chinese new year eve. finally back home. tired with three hour journey and had a whole day sleep yesterday. it's freaking warm yesterday..goshh!! anyway, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everyone. gong xi fa cai~~~ and Happy Valentine's day!!! xoxo

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Penis on Stomach

i have gain extra weight for these past few weeks. people told me that, then only i realized it. and when i looked at my double chin, it pretty much confirms what people have told me. it's not even new year but i have already putting on my weight...noooo!!!

i read something interesting today. a wife glued her husband's penis on his stomach because he had affairs with several women. hahahaha i found this very funny. nowadays people are so crazy and would do anything to release their anger/discomfort. no offence to males out there but i really think it's freaking hilarious. at least, it releases my boredom for 10 minutes. that means i have to think of the "penis on stomach" every 10 minutes to "unbored" my self. okay i am a silly girl~

** susan only thought of the penis on stomach once after reading the news. :p **

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

V day = CNY

chinese new year (cny) is around the corner. it coincides with valentine's day this year. i haven't done my spring cleaning at this small, organized but dusty room, but my mom is taking care of my room at hometown. i have bought fatty drinks such as shandy (beer with lemonade), sarsi, chrysanthemum, and 100 plus can drinks. you cannot miss "nga ku" chips, kuih kapit, mandarin oranges, pomelo, "nian gao," red packets (angpow), and gambling during cny. all i gotta do in cny (as always) is to eat more so that i gain extra weight, drink more carbonated drinks, eat more mandarin oranges, sleep more, and finally hope to get more angpows!!