Thursday, February 4, 2010

Penis on Stomach

i have gain extra weight for these past few weeks. people told me that, then only i realized it. and when i looked at my double chin, it pretty much confirms what people have told me. it's not even new year but i have already putting on my weight...noooo!!!

i read something interesting today. a wife glued her husband's penis on his stomach because he had affairs with several women. hahahaha i found this very funny. nowadays people are so crazy and would do anything to release their anger/discomfort. no offence to males out there but i really think it's freaking hilarious. at least, it releases my boredom for 10 minutes. that means i have to think of the "penis on stomach" every 10 minutes to "unbored" my self. okay i am a silly girl~

** susan only thought of the penis on stomach once after reading the news. :p **

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