Thursday, March 4, 2010

CNY 2010 pics

pineapple tart

ang pow, money money!

jackieeeeee has blue eyes only with camera flash.

what are you staring at??

jackie resting on crystal's lap

i wanna drink ribena...can i?? (thirsty-looking jackie)

my new doggie...jackie! my daddy said jacky is for male and jackie is for female...anyway, he is jacky but everytime i call him, "jackie" will pop out of my mind.

lazy dog~ he is a sleeping dog. he sleeps all day long and that's his job. i still love him anyway.

jackie is not photogenic enough. he looks not as good looking as he is when off screen.

monkeys busy reading magazine.

best friend kononnya...

kam = mandarin oranges

nga ku (arrowhead)

morning feast

cashew nuts fried by my mom juciyyy


lina said...

wah jackie so cute! what kind of breed is he? by the way, i miss CNY.. by the way, long time dint see ringgir malaysia la! ahhaha

Sue said...

i don't know the breed but his hair is very long. so special to me! he is not photogenic but he is very handsome in real life. he was missing since last week. damn it~ :(:(

~i will take more pic of RM for you if you like~ :P