Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lost my Jackie!

i hope you enjoy my photos from previous entry. i love it too... but bad things happened to me these 2 weeks.

Jackie - My boy.

i missed the moment i played with jackie, touched his smooth hair and used my both hands to play his "chin" u know somewhere near the throat there. he enjoyed it. i missed it when he barked at me when i made him angry (actually i was fooling with him and he knew it!) he bullied me by barking to me several times. and he never barked to my dad. he always followed him to wherever he went. he would sleep at a certain corner of my garden. we never told him where to sleep, but my dad once said, "we shall let him sleep here - just treat this corner like his bedroom." and he was loyal, lovely and good. he heard what my dad said and sleep at his bedroom since then. what a good boy... we only spent less than a month with him and he was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we all love him and treated him like a companion. we didn't tie him 'cos whenever we did that, he'd cry off his ass seeking for help and freedom. my dad would then untied him and he'll be seen running around and came near us. he will sit next to us and looked at us as if he understood what we were thinking or talking. jackiee.....i really miss you. i hope miracle will happen one day and you'll be back to your home and by our side.

i didn't know where he went, which entrance he used to go out (whether it's the main gate or small gate) because both entrances have big space in between. someone must have kidnapped him when he went out without our concern. my parents were out, my grandma was at neighbor's house. and no one was at home. he must be missing us too...


Piggy said...

hopefully he know the way home, kesian.. i know how you feel, coz happened to me before too! JIA YOU! pray for jackie coming home

Sue said...

i miss him so much...u lost your doggy b4? i hope he knows the way back but i bet someone must have taken him! :(