Thursday, April 22, 2010

China - Part I --> The Unforgettable Smell

Hi guys, it’s been a long week for me. I went to china for 8 days 7 nites since last two weeks. I am quite busy this week to settle my things and since my important things are done, I am more relaxed now. I am lacking of rest and sleep and my head is spinning…

I shall write about my trip to china and divide them into several entries.

1st thing 1st,

I CAN’T STAND THE PUBLIC TOILETS IN CHINA!!! THEY DON’T HAVE DOORS!!!!! It was a scary experience. But not all public toilets have no doors. Toilets at Qixing gong yuan do have doors and are very clean. they have 5-star & 4-star restrooms which are super clean, cleaner than kl's toilets. But when I went into gong yuan toilets, I was shocked to see a Chinese aunt didn’t close the door. She just peed like that and by the time I saw her, she was wearing her pants. oh my god!! what a culture shock for me~

The stench was really annoying, disturbing, sickening and it makes any living creature wants to vomit. Buekkkkkk~~~~~~

I wanted to take pictures of the toilets but it was too smelly and I had no chance to do so. I am always the 1st few persons to run to the toilet when my tour bus stopped at highway’s restroom. I had to run because the aunts/uncles were so slow and loved chit-chatting while getting out of the bus. and because of that, i can't hide my butt in the open toilet - for once.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello China!

Yohooo!! i am heading off to china in few more hours. this will be my 2nd overseas trip after the states - the farthest place on earth i've ever been. i will definitely take more pics of myself and sceneries.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool

ello...happy april fool's day!! no one fooled me today and nobody fooled me for the past few years. i guess it's because we are old enough to not play april fool~

i was so happy because i received a call from the american embassy!!! i hope it's not an april fool and i bet it wasn't. i won't elaborate further because i am too happy to do that. and it's not appropriate for me to do it here, i think.