Thursday, April 22, 2010

China - Part I --> The Unforgettable Smell

Hi guys, it’s been a long week for me. I went to china for 8 days 7 nites since last two weeks. I am quite busy this week to settle my things and since my important things are done, I am more relaxed now. I am lacking of rest and sleep and my head is spinning…

I shall write about my trip to china and divide them into several entries.

1st thing 1st,

I CAN’T STAND THE PUBLIC TOILETS IN CHINA!!! THEY DON’T HAVE DOORS!!!!! It was a scary experience. But not all public toilets have no doors. Toilets at Qixing gong yuan do have doors and are very clean. they have 5-star & 4-star restrooms which are super clean, cleaner than kl's toilets. But when I went into gong yuan toilets, I was shocked to see a Chinese aunt didn’t close the door. She just peed like that and by the time I saw her, she was wearing her pants. oh my god!! what a culture shock for me~

The stench was really annoying, disturbing, sickening and it makes any living creature wants to vomit. Buekkkkkk~~~~~~

I wanted to take pictures of the toilets but it was too smelly and I had no chance to do so. I am always the 1st few persons to run to the toilet when my tour bus stopped at highway’s restroom. I had to run because the aunts/uncles were so slow and loved chit-chatting while getting out of the bus. and because of that, i can't hide my butt in the open toilet - for once.


Piggy said...

wow! i though they don't have those CULTURE anymore. (maybe big city is better huh) so how does it feel when u didnt hide ur butt butt?

Sue said...

i felt embarrassed and peed as fast i could!! i was damn nervous...seriouslyyyy