Friday, May 7, 2010

I Love Plastic Bags


sorry to keep you guys waiting..i know you are waiting for my beautiful scenery of mountains and water (shan shui) pics of china, but i am too busy and lazy at the same time to edit and upload the pics. the pics will be uploaded at the next entry. pls don't call me a liar as i really don't lie to my readers!! never ever~~

fyi, effective tomorrow 5/8, all shopping malls in kuala lumpur will not provide free plastic bags to shoppers (opssss BAD BAD NEWS!!) therefore, you will have to bring your own recycle bag or if you don't have one and willing to spend 20cents/bag then it's okay..pls don't waste your 20cents, bring your own bag!

if you are an avid reader of mine, you must've known that i don't support this campaign at all. click here. it's not that i want to harm the mother earth, but if i couldn't get those plastic bags i would have to buy trash bags for my trash. why should i use my money for my trash? if we really have to ban plastic bags, then we should not have trash bags at all. we have other alternatives such as newspaper, boxes and etc? but newspaper and boxes are made of paper, therefore we will cut down many trees. so either you cut the trees or you harm the environment by using plastic bags?? let's stop arguing and i'll stick to my philosopy.

** susan will only use her collection of recycle bags when government implements and forces her to use them and stop producing and giving free plastic bags. **