Monday, November 1, 2010

China - Part II

yohooo!! i am so proud of myself because i was able to edit some of my pictures from my china trip back in april and uploaded them here for your viewing pleasure! tell you the truth: i was so lazy to upload pictures to my blog mainly because i have to insert "" on my pictures to show that these pictures belong to me, and no one would able to steal them away from me. previously, i lost my olympus cd software and had to lookup the internet and downloaded from olympus website. ok, without further ado, here are the pictures that i've promised. i kept my promise, at last! :) :)

p/s: it's more than half a year and there are some places that i couldn't recall. please forgive short term memory loss.

(note: pictures are not in chronological order) and they are more to come....)

we stopped at highways where they also have toilets to release our human nature's call. the toilets are really stinky 'till you cannot hold your breath. i suddenly thought of the lovely song and i don't remember by who....> ### you took my breath...awayy ###! our young and handsome tour guide, xiao liang told us that the owner of the gas station has no $$ to spend on toilet's maintenance....omg~

or oil tea. this youcha is served to welcome the guests. it is salty and flavored with ginger, spring onion and garlic.

one of the most satisfied pics i've ever taken for this trip. the bird's eye view from the hilltop. the background of this pic is Bainian village in Guilin's Longsheng county. We had to walk up to this hilltop in order to take this beautiful view of the village. some of us did not want to go up but i didn't regret going up and was very happy to take this beautiful pic of me (so perasan) and the village.

this handsome uncle is a strong man and always talked about girls and hamsup stories. he is in our group... i don't know why i put his pic here, maybe because he looks younger than his real age..he is 80 if i'm not mistaken.

a group of women singing their welcome and thank you songs to the visitors, this is what they called shan ge session. shan ge means "mountain songs." these women seen here were singing mountain songs while dancing with simple movements that reflected their daily activities.
let's continue on next entry, terima kasih kerana sudi menunggu~~


Piggy said...

wah that ah pek is so young if he is 80 la. hamsup pek! and glad that U R BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piggy said...

I love ur pinkie blog
make me feel like fresh fresh while reading!

Sue said...

hahaha thanks for the compliment!! i love pink too. i never thought i will have a pinky blog man~ the ahpek is really that old but he still looks young n healthy...hamsuppp