Friday, November 12, 2010

Confused but happy

sometimes i really do not know what are the things that i should write and shouldn't write. i am confused and struggling within myself thinking...

1. should i voice out everything here? (of cos to some extent there are things that i cannot reveal)
2. should i just write purely about my feelings, experience and etc. (and will not talk bad about other people, but i think i can't, can you?? :P) to what level of openness/secrecy should i practice? i do not know myself...sigh~

i will never ever write about politics and religions because they are sensitive matters that i know i wouldn't write about.

i always had this feeling that one day my colleagues and some friends will find out about my blog's existence. wow that's a good thing right? or maybe a bad one. they don't know i am actually a blogger, but in the end they might find out that, "wow she's actually talking about me, and the list goes on..."

okay i think should really be myself...

today is actually my company's annual dinner. i really wanted to go but i ended up going out with wk and his aunt to eat kl's most famous porridge... low yau kee which is located at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee. look for maybank and you will find this low yau kee (just in front of soong kee). before i continue with my story, let me show you these lovely pics..

chicken porridge (thick chicken slices hidden underneath the bubur), "white chicken meat" and pork meat ball (6 small balls cost about rm2. wtf. and the balls were really small...)

beef noodle soup from soong kee. this bowl of noodles tastes good but i expected this to taste like beef noodles in usa. the beef ball has fragrance smell but no beef taste. the wonton noodles are the "tiny" noodles, soup has too much aji. made me so thirsty after eating it.

this is how me and wk ate the beef noodles. the noodles act like a bridge. we eat it this way because it's hard for me to cut the noodles. so we are a crazy couple.

*above pictures were all taken using nokia 7230. lousy phone but good camera with 3.2 mega pixel.

so i have chosen to eat hawkers' food rather than attending my annual dinner. i've never been to my company's annual dinner before and this will be my one and last dinner. i am tired of thinking of what to wear, whether to follow the desert fantasy theme or wear normal dinner dress (and i don't have a suitable dress that i can wear). another reason would be, my ex-colleagues promised me to attend but half of them ended up not going. so here i am writing an interesting entry for your savory.


Piggy said...

waseh the beef noodle look yummy! yum yum!! miss malaysia foods la.. especially KOLO MEE

Sue said...

yea but too much aji..felt so thirsty after eating the beef noodle. i never try kolo mee b4..belanja me when i visit ur hometown...