Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bandung - Factory Outlets heaven

i went to bandung with my friend for 4 days and 3 nites. we got really really cheap ticket. so to bandung we went. our flight was supposed to depart at 10.25a.m. but the counter's closed when we reached lcct at 9.05a.m. so we asked airasia's staff personnel where to check-in but to our dismay, we were directed by the counter's staff to another counter - counter A. and we were ding dong ding dong-ing by aa's staff and finally we went to counter service. they asked us to go to one of the counters and we finally checked-in. luckily the airplane hasn't arrive otherwise we won't be able to check in. fuhh!

bandung is a place where a lot of factory outlets (fo) are located. i'd advise you if you wanna visit this place, 3 days and 2 nites are sufficient. 4 days are a bit too long. i personally recommend you to:

1) Rumah Mode (pronounced Moh-der) (located at Jalan Cihampelas)
Rumah mode is my favorite. we went to this fo 3 times. yea 3 times! we went there on our first day we reached bandung, on our 3rd day and our last day. the clothings are a bit pricey but this house has many fine qualities. they have a lot of branded clothes esp american brands such as Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Old navy, Gap and etc. they also have Esprit, Polo, Bebe, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and the list goes on...

2) Heritage (located at Jalan Riau)
i recommend you to visit this place if you wanna buy men's clothings. i bought few tee shirts here such as Esprit and Armani. i got these few tees for 49,500 rupiahs (rp) each so is about rm17/tee. it's cheap and affordable if you wanna buy tees for your bf/father/husband/friends. i was rather disappointed because heritage does not allow you to try mostly their female's tee shirts and dresses. i chose a lot of baby tees and a dress but they did not allow us to try it on. reason being - i don't know what they said. i asked them whether they are afraid that i will make it loose after trying it? the staff just nodded. (i don't think they understand our language.)

3) The Secret - everyone has it (located at Jalan Riau)
i kind of like this name - everyone has secret. a lot of dresses, working attire, casual wears at this fo. good place to explore.

Other streets that you can explore:

-Toko 3 (is actually at Jalan Cihampelas-jeans are sold at this place, cheap clothings but qualities are not as good as in rumah mode). below are some of the pics taken at toko 3. all the statues are found there.

-Jalan Riau
-Jalan Dago (i don't really like this street 'cos the fos are kinda expensive)


You should take "angkutan" which is a mini van. it works like a mini bus, but you must becareful when you get into and off the van. i hit my head few times when i got off from the van. the max a mini van can accomodate is 15 people including the driver. you will see many angkutan, so don't worry. i never took taxi but according to my travelmate she doesn't recommend taxi cos it's expensive. we pay 2,000 rp each way when riding the angkutan. how to know how much to pay? it depends on the distance. 5,000 rp is sufficient to cover 2 persons. we wanted to pay 6,000 rp at first, but one local woman told us 5,000 rp is sufficient although we did ask the driver how much is the fare. NEVER EVER ASK THE DRIVER HOW MUCH TO PAY. THE LOCALS DO NOT ASK, COS THEY KNOW HOW MUCH TO PAY. minimum is 1,000 rp/person if the distance is very near. some drivers will not send you to the actual destination. they will just drop you at street you are not familiar with and you gotta walk to your destination. one driver even cheated us. 1st they promised to send us, later on he dropped us and asked us to take another angkutan. shit him. no it's shit on him.

on our 2nd last day, we booked extra 20kg for our luggage. we worried that we might not have enough rupiahs for extra baggage so we booked the extra for rm35. on our last day we have 2 checked-in luggages and 2 foldable bags. our initial 20kg is sufficient so we wasted the 20kg that we booked online.

always remember to check:

1) if breakfast is included in ur accomodation. i booked thru agoda and they didn't state whether they provide breakfast in their website and we assumed that they provide us. we got to know breakfast is not provided after i got the hotel confirmatio from agoda. so we ended up having instant noodle cup for breakfast. (instant noodles serve as a good breakfast :))

2) check with hotel if they provide free transfer. from bandung airport to hotel, the taxi fare is 35,000 rp. we didn't know novotel hotel actually provide free transfer. so we wasted our 35,000 rp per taxi. we got to know from aris (our driver to volcano tour) that airport transfer is actually provided by the hotel.
3) your money (rupiahs). since there is so many zero, you must check properly your note. the largest note is 100,000 rp which is equivalent to 34rm.

next entry: Tangkuban Parahu (Volcano tour)


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