Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tangkuban Parahu

tangkuban parahu (tp) or volcano tour is whether a must go place in bandung besides shopping is really up to you. my travelmate and i wanted to book this tour but we changed our mind due to unpredictable weather in bandung. we checked online that it's gonna rain during our trip so we decided to book it when we reach bandung.

i had this feeling that tp is not going to be an interesting place. this is because when we reached the tp, all you can see is only the inactive volcano surrounded by haze. we booked a driver called aris and he charged us 400,000 rp for 2 pax. he told us everything is included: toll, parking, gasoline except entrance fee to tp. aris earlier said entrance fee per pax is 50,000 rp but he asked us for another 50,000 rp. we did not know whether driver needs to pay for entrance fee or not but we reluctantly gave him the extra 50k. i even said, "tak cakap kena bayar extra 50k pun." we ended up spending 275k rp per person for this trip.

when we reached the peak of tp, we were surrounded by many sellers who sell souvenirs. they kept following us like paparazzi. the feeling was like a popular celebrity. besides paparazzi, the weather is really cold up there. you have to bundle up and take your scarf with you. i remember my ears were getting really cold, numb and painful. i even wore slippers to this trip. i wish i brought my sneakers but i didn't.

check out my hair~ so windy and cold...

purposely taken this pic with the guys at the foreground. look at the haze~~

this is me~

with my lovely travelmate felicia~

in addition to the inactive volcano, there's an active volcano which no one told us. i thought to myself what's so interesting about the "dead volcano"? there must be something else...otherwise it will just be viewing the dead volcano. the active volcano is further down which we need a guide to guide us there. there's a counter info where the so called guides will tell you about tour to active volcano. we need to pay 250k for 2 pax. our driver will not drive us there and we need to walk about 1km with the guide. you can cook/boil eggs there, you can soak your feet if you have rheumatism and it is good for your legs. the guide will even return you half of the fee if you can finish the walk within 1 hour. yeah rite. with the cold weather i don't think i can finish it on time or i might even walk more than an hour to reach the active volcano site. plus we wore too little clothes and it's insufficient to warm our body.

my advice is: if you really wanna see the active volcano, you should go to this tp (tangkuban parahu). i chose not to go to the active volcano site 'cos i didn't bring enough $$ (which i need to keep for emergency) and i wore too little clothes. if you just wanna take pics and view the dead volcano, please don't waste your $$.

after the volcano trip, we got down from the mountain and headed to Kampung Daun for lunch. the food were quite expensive. i ordered nasi goreng kampung daun (kg. daun fried rice) which cost me 44,000 rp after tax. the fried rice tasted okay...i still prefer malaysian food where we have spicy, sour, salty, sweet taste. the fried rice has only 1 taste which is salty.

happily posing with my fried rice.

nasi goreng kampung daun...

love the old-fashioned irons. the irons are sticked together. i wish i can bring one home.

we told ourselves that we will be back to bandung maybe in 2-3 year time. it is really a good place to shop for clothes. it's not only a shopping heaven for women, but also for men. go visit this place and check out on airasia for cheap tickets!!

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