Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve Feb 2, 2011

it's really warm out there. it was raining just now but it only lasted for 5 mins. i heard from my mom and wk's mom that chinese new year (cny) is always warm, no rain and it is always like that when cny comes. tomorrow is a brand new day for all chinese around the world. during cny, i'd eat and drink as much as i want. mandarin oranges, kuih kapit, yeo's chrysanthemum drinks, pineapple tarts, pomelos, and many more.

but this year, i really don't eat that much. knowing the fact that i already gained weight even before i quitted my job, i keep eating constantly and my weight is still the same. i wish i can reduce 2kgs, but i just talked about it and never really started doing anything to reduce my weight. sighh~~ it's really easy to talk about something, but to put it into action and make it happen is really hard. we all love to talk, do we? i have to be more disciplined in reducing my weights. good luck to me!

as usual just like very year, i feel like i really am getting old and i am not excited anymore when it comes to cny. cny is just like every other day, the difference with other days is i see all family members and relatives reunite during these special days. i will spend more money than usual because i will buy some beverages for cny, biscuits, and canned food like pacific clams and lychees/longans. i really enjoy buying these stuffs every year. i will also receive ang pows from parents, popo, sisters and also relatives. the total $$ received will always be lesser than previous year. this is a fact because the older you get, the less excitement you'll get.

i wish all readers who celebrate cny a happy and prosperous new year, may this rabbit year filled with love, happiness, prosperity and many more. drink and eat all you want because only this time of the year you can eat and drink whatever you want or like.


Piggy said...

maybe you will feel happy after you got your kids~ u will find happiness from them during the CN

Sue said...

oh noo..i dun wan kids now...hahaha
maybe you were right!