Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Rose

the red rose

i believe most of us received valentine's day gifts like roses. i also received one from my valentine. one of my housemates also received one. she put it in the fridge at the door pocket. so it's really hard for me when i opened and closed the fridge. and she's so smart that she put it in a tall glass with water in it. so i don't really care about the rose, she can just put it in her room. my another housemate, sam was frightened for the first time when she opened the fridge. she was like - what the hell, something was popping out from the fridge!

the said flower

needless to say much..

what my smart housemate was trying to do is to preserve the longevity of the rose just like we, homo sapiens will do anything to be beautiful and to live longer. and also some people will just do anything without thinking of others' feelings and situations and just care about their own convenience.

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